How to get your own Norpay card?

How to get your own Norpay card?

Apply For NorPay Using Desktop

For applying for a NorPay Crypto Debit Card using a desktop, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Visit
To apply a card, visit

Step 2: Connect Your Wallet
Click on connect your wallet and select 'Browser Wallet', in case you do not have a wallet, go for 'get a wallet' option.

Step 3: Click on Get Card
Once your wallet is connected, click on 'get card'.

Step 4: Proceed with KYC
Once your wallet is connected, agree to the legal terms mentioned and continue to verify your identity by filling in your KYC details.

Step 5: Apply for the Card
Upon submitting your details (KYC Details vary as per card type), your profile will be created. To proceed further, click on 'Go to Card Page' and select 'Apply for the Card'.

Step 6: Choose Card Type
Select your preferred card from the card type (currently available in three types: Physical, virtual USD and virtual EUR). Once you have chosen the card, top up the card with the required amount. If you have a discount coupon you can enter the details and proceed.

PRO TIP: Make sure to load your wallet with the required amount [$75 for Physical card, $30 for USD Virtual card, and $40 for EUR Virtual card in USDT] beforehand and some BNB (gas fee) for the transaction.

Step 7: Approve Transaction
Authorize your wallet for the transaction. You have now successfully completed everything for the application. Refresh back after sometime to check your application status.

Apply For NorPay Using Phone
For applying for a NorPay Crypto Debit Card, there are two alternatives:
1. Using AnCrypto Wallet
For a detailed walkthrough to apply your card through AnCrypto, refer to this blog:

2. Using any DApp Browser
‍Step 1: Choose a DApp Browser
Opt for a DApp browser to begin your application. You can use MyEtherWallet, Brave, MetaMask, Opera, OKX Wallet or any other preferred DApp browser.
Note: Normal phone browsers e.g, Safari, Chrome, Brave will not support a wallet extension.

‍Step 2: Go to
On the search bar of the DApp browser, search

Follow the same steps as 'Step 2 onwards of the process to Apply For NorPay Using Desktop' mentioned above.
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      The card is available as both physical and virtual. You can get the virtual card and the physical card at discounted prices of $30 and $75 respectively. You can apply for a virtual card at
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      The NorPay card allows you to spend your crypto assets with the help of a prepaid card. Load your assets and spend on transactions globally across 40M+ merchants. Use crypto to spend on day-to-day activities.
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