What is Norpay?

What is Norpay?

Norpay is a prepaid crypto debit card that allows users to use cryptocurrency as cash without having to convert it first. Norpay gives crypto the same liquidity as fiat by enabling you to load crypto onto a prepaid card, pay at the point of sale (POS), liquidate at ATMs, and do much more without using P2P or selling it first. The card is available both as virtual and physical cards. Norpay is set to redefine crypto use worldwide and infrastructurally, it consists of a ledger, wallet, DAX, cash, API and a native coin.

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    • How does the Norpay card work?

      The NorPay card allows you to spend your crypto assets with the help of a prepaid card. Load your assets and spend on transactions globally across 40M+ merchants. Use crypto to spend on day-to-day activities.
    • How to get your own Norpay card?

      Apply For NorPay Using Desktop For applying for a NorPay Crypto Debit Card using a desktop, follow the steps below: ‍ Step 1: Visit x.norpay.io To apply a card, visit x.norpay.io. ‍ Step 2: Connect Your Wallet Click on connect your wallet and select ...
    • Where can I spend with my Norpay Card?

      Use NorPay to shop online, pay bills, and conduct other day to day transactions.
    • What if my card gets blocked/deactivated?

      At NorPay, we understand that issues may arise with your Apple Card, and we want to assure you that your funds are completely secure. If you find that your NorPay Apple Card has been blocked or deactivated, we will be processing your funds back to ...
    • Can I get a virtual card?

      The card is available as both physical and virtual. You can get the virtual card and the physical card at discounted prices of $30 and $75 respectively. You can apply for a virtual card at x.norpay.io